10/5/2018 – Book of Joshua!

(06-29-10th Year: This is the Date according to my Baptismal Calendar, which began the Day that I was baptized on 04-07-2008!)

5:52 PM

From the Quality Inn Hotel in El Paso, Texas

It’s a Good Life! Life is Good! And this is the lifestyle that the LORD has me set in at the time. This is the condition that the LORD has set me in at this time! I work as a truck driver. I travel the country. I answer the call, and move about to reach destinations and appointments. This is The Work of The LORD! Amen! My Work is not separate from GOD. It is All In One! Amen! One GOD The Father! Amen!

Thank You LORD for this time, this place and the Peace and Relaxation. I didn’t realize how much I needed to sit back and unwind until I sat down in my room. I laid my head back and closed my eyes, meditated and prayed. It was truly relaxing.

I had not felt the weight until I sat down. But I feel more relaxed.

I am doing my laundry down stairs. No, I had not gotten a smoking room this time. It was either a smoking room or a room with a balcony. I figure We can smoke on the balcony! Room 313 at the Quality Inn Hotel in El Paso, Texas!

All In GOD’s Time and for His Purpose! Amen!

Besides the non-smoking, this room is lacking any trashcans. But I can see that it is one of their remodeled rooms. It is nice! Nice size desk too. Better than the square tables that used to be in some of the rooms!

No Worry; Be Happy! I remember the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” (whistling the tune now) Blessed is the Joy and the Peace!

Xmeah, Felicia and Daniel-David are at the Big Chile Hotel in Las Cruces, New Mexico! I was told They will be getting rested there! So We are back in the West! “Return to the West!” Here we are again! Amen!

Thank You LORD! Blessed is the Understanding and the Truth! I am caused to know how people were raised believing lies. The majority is evil! SO I will NOT stand with the majority! I will stand on GOD’s Side! Amen!

A woman spoke to me about her beliefs about smoking. I am familiar with the lies that darkness spread all over the place. People quote the same thing they heard. But they don’t know better. She doesn’t know better, and so I was not upset with her. But I know Truth; and I do not accept the lies that has so many fooled. But in all of the encounters today, I have been caused to pay attention. There was a focus, and listening to what was being said. I would say, it was intense focus and listening; detecting what evil spirits lurked in the words and smiling faces. I know people can be fooled and not knowing what they actually be saying. But by the Spirit of GOD in me, I am able to see the things for what they are! I hear the Words; but I also see the spirit who speaks; whether it be Truth or an evil spirit.

Satan is not the big scary boogie man with horns that people are familiar with. Satan is subtle, and sneaky, in a pretty package and smooth with the tongue; all the while smiling in your face. He can quote the Bible. But it takes Light to see that darkness for what it REALLY is. Amen!

I was picked up by a familiar old man that drives me where I need to go when I am in town. He is one of the hotel shuttle drivers. He is a nice man. But I listened to the words being spoken. I understand that people do not know how they be influenced by evil spirits. It is for me to make aware and rebuke the evils that be. That is my job as a Man of GOD! Amen.

Glory be to GOD Who makes Aware and Watchful! Thank You for this! Because You kept me aware and watchful!

Evil was rebuked and the Holy Occupying Forces of GOD were called down to take the place over. I listen, I watch and am made aware. But it is not by my doing, but by the Spirit of Light within me. As said, Light makes manifest that which is in darkness! Amen!

So thank You my LORD for keeping me aware and watchful. Thank You I say, for the steps! Thank You for the Peace and the Calm; and the Relaxation!

O LORD Michael Fight! Amen!

Evil tries to creep in, but You Are Ever-Present O LORD! And You Keep us Aware and Watchful! Amen!

Also, I will report that my Voice has returned! And nor was it ever gone! But I can speak louder and clearer than I had! HALLELUJAH! I shouted that! The Voice of GOD is Powerful! The Voice of One; Crying in the Wilderness! Amen! I am a Voice of the LORD; as ordained by the Heavenly Father! And this is the work and the journey that He has set me on! This is the Book of Joshua! Amen! (5:55 PM – Mountain Time Zone – 10-05-2018)

6:25 PM

They look at us as fools. But they do not know any better. Did they not also call Jesus Christ possessed? They thought He was crazy. The Ways of Light appear strange to those outside. But we know better. We have to do what we have to do that is GOD’s Will. And GOD will Keep us and Strengthen us to do that which we need to do that He Gives us to do! Amen, and AMEN! Blessed is the Peace and the Joy! Thank You LORD for this Peace and Relaxation! Thank You for this O LORD! Amen!

I remembered the poor man who saved the city! No one knew who saved the city. But He knew what He had to do and did what needed to be done. But He would not be looking for recognition! He simply did His Job, and carried on! So we carry on and do what we have to do! SO, “BE STRONG!” HALLELUJAH! “I AM STRONG!” AMEN!

LORD Gabriel, Blessed Are You! And Blessed is the Understanding and Truth that comes from Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ; and from The Father! AMEN!

Peace be unto You All! And GOD Bless You All! BE STRONG! AMEN! For Your GOD is Strong and Almighty! DO NOT forget His GOODNESS! AMEN! SO be it O LORD! AMEN!

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