7/14/2018 – Against the Wind!

(04-08-10th Year of my Baptism!)

“Against the Wind!”

What a lovely Day You have made it to be, that You have brought me into! This is the Day, that You have made! Amen!

Written from the city of Fort Worth, Texas while at a water bottling facility! (And yes, I am writing from my home on the road, my big truck!)

11:53 AM

“A Very Pleasant Day!”

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful! How Wonderful You are O LORD! I acknowledge Heavenly Help! Holy Angels given to provide Help in our every day lives! I acknowledge the Help! And it is Good and appreciated! How Wonderful Your Help is O LORD! Thank You!

I woke up this morning around 8:30 AM. I left the truck to get breakfast and coffee at the Burger King next door. I got the food to go and soon after set off on the road.

“The LORD is my Shepherd! I shall Not want! He makes me to lie down in Green Pastures. He gives me Peace even in the midst of war! You clear my path and I travel in Your Heavenly Peace! You cause me to Fly with Your Holy Angels!”

I would be heading to Fort Worth, Texas, but before then, stopping to get fuel in Caddo Mills, Texas. I stopped for fuel and the bathroom and continued on. Although there was traffic, it was steadily moving all the way to my destination. There were no backups! Nothing could stop the work from being done! Amen!

It has been an amazing start of the Day! The best part was the way everything was done in a timely manner! From the moment I was woken up, till my arrival on time (30 minutes early)! Lovely!

So I acknowledge and give Glory to GOD, and the Holy Angels Who made my passage clear through the normally traffic packed-roads of the Dallas area! I acknowledge the Help! And that is my testimony of what has been done for me, that I acknowledge the Presence and the Help of the LORD in my life!

“This is only the beginning! If you think that was something, you haven’t seen nothing yet!” And I say, Amen; Show me More! Hallelujah! And Amen!

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